About Equity Axis

Equity Axis is a regional economic, business and equity research firm that produces high-quality, in-depth, and tailored research services to help clients successfully navigate financial markets, enhance their portfolios, and make strategic decisions. As one of the top research firms in Zimbabwe and a foothold in South Africa, our enthusiastic and exclusive team of research analysts delivers distinguished industry and economic insights that aid our clients in constantly achieving their goals. As one of the most distinguished research outsourcing firms, we offer bespoke studies in equity, fixed income, currency, and commodities market. We also supply customised economic analysis and forecasts for companies and other organisations requiring independent assessments of current and future trends in the Zimbabwean macro-economy.

In 2021, we decided to channel our research expertise towards a weekly economic, business and finance publication which earned an award for Best Capital Markets Reporting, less than a year after its inception. The AXiS is now a leading online publication focusing on current affairs, international business and economics, politics, and technology.

Clients include private and public sector Zimbabwean companies and multinationals in the banking, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, engineering, telecommunication, fintech, and transportation industries, to name a few.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading independent research firm in Africa. While we start with Zimbabwe, we plan to provide our clients with comprehensive, Africa-wide company and market research. Africa is poised to emerge as a significant consumer market, for which investors in Zimbabwe and abroad will require thorough research and insights on. We aim to be the “go-to” research firm for these investors.

Our Culture

  • We foster an environment where our analysts and can think creatively, search beyond the obvious and look for interesting research angles.
  • This is an environment where there is a free flow of ideas, discussions and debates.

We take a thematic approach in our research. This thematic approach highlights issues, risks and opportunities which investors may not have considered. Our goal is to bring “new” information to our clients’ attention, avoiding “maintenance” research that regurgitates existing information and talks to analyst models and numbers.